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Squirrel Baffles

Squirrle Baffel

Squirrle Baffel

These squirrel baffles protects bird feeders and feeding stations from the ravages of squirrels. Large diameter, super smooth, slippery dome beats the most determined critters. This squirrel baffles adaptors supplied to fit three diameters of poles, 12mm, 22mm and 25.5mm. Can be used in conjunction with the our feeder poles and wild bird feeding station kits.

Price: 19.99

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Wild Bird Feeding Station Squirrel Baffle Dome

Wild Bird Feeding Station Squirrel Baffle Dome

Protect both your wild bird feeders and bird feed from damage from squirrel with this clear domed squirrel baffle. Simple to use with feeding stations and feeding poles, designed to fits most feeding station poles diameter measuring 12mm, 22mm and 25.5mm. Made from clear and durable PVC plastic.
Size: 40cm diameter x 18cm high

Price: 14.99

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